Twickenham Emerging

A phrase used on BBC News at 2:00 today is my newly adopted mantra: “A Time of Excitement and Anxiety.” I’ve adopted it as a fair summary of the balance between public health and the economy. It’s also an example of where I’ve been stuck in my head for over two years, trying to figure out how culture and character puts a different gloss on similar circumstances occurring around the world.

If Dickens was instructing, rather than today’s media, maybe Super Saturday would be one of those best of times worst of times moments. Tomorrow is a big lockdown re-entry day in England, which is a tad ahead of most other United Kingdom nations. Bring on newly re-minted customs in pubs and restaurants, limited international travel, and quarantine-free entry from some countries adjudged safe (with apologies to the pre-election United States).

Today, in a tribute to these complex days of nuance, hope, and resort to feel-good solutions, please study the photograph supplied above. My intention is to use varying shades of light, activity (and lack thereof) to spur thoughts and creativity: What is hopeful, and what is unfortunate, and how do each of us play a role in helping us all do the best we can?

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