How familiar settings suggest the universal while reawakening who we are.

Tonight, from Mercer Island, two light paths cross the water, forming gateways to my hometown.  

To the left, a bright streak travels east, and to the right, a more subtle, staccato pattern moves west. Together, these beacons are maps and memories of my life before now. 

Meanwhile, Seattle reflects in the still waters of Lake Washington. While tranquil, they suggest human changes to nature, while I recall winds, rain, work, school, and how time moves on.

I remember my first visit to this island years ago. Then, I was struck by the adventure of crossing the water and wondering how a bridge could float. Tonight, I see crisp details onshore, like crosswalks, signs, leaves, poles, and trees.

Suddenly, the scales shift. I am lost in everywhere in the wonder of bridges that link city shores and nations, crossing rivers, lakes, and more. I see Paris, London, Prague, England to Wales, and Sweden to Denmark.  

Walking the Richmond Bridge

I remember a walk home in London, over the Thames, through the mist on Richmond Bridge. That walk was steeped in history, mine, and others’ as well.

Who is to say which is more mundane, the experience elsewhere or tonight’s Lake Washington view? 

I step back to focus on the bridge at hand. Back to now, as I become more willing to search and see.

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