In England, a simple urban view is a regular contrast to the views that I saw while growing up. The latter showed a built environment no older than I am now. Here, there is comfort in contrast, because, as I have been writing over the past month, I can see that these bricks have been through challenging times before.

An overlay of raindrops on a window adds another dimension. Popular psychology suggests this as a filter of transition, and while dreary, a suggestion of refocusing and recalibration. That makes sense to me.

So, through this obscuring film, I see something practical, and hopeful, amid news today that both the United Kingdom’s COVID alert level has moved from Level 4 to Level 3, and that King County, Washington (where I’m from) is moving to Stage 2 of reopening.

A sustaining place (the name of this website) allows for such metaphors.

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