During the relative calm of July in the United Kingdom, when the COVID curve is flattened (for now), it is time to explore. I discussed Church Street in Twickenham last month as a stage for the mythical “Equity Street in Pandemica.” Today I returned to examine how the street has evolved as an alfresco icon, with Sunday dining underway on a cloudy day.

Church Street is closed for weekend street fairs on a semi-regular basis, but the more pervasive table and chair motif is new, and appears more spontaneous than customary. “Customary,” as well as the tongue-in-cheek captions below, are purposefully phrased, probing at questions of context (such as the overlay of a passeggiata on Twickenham) that will be discussed much more in-depth in Sustaining a City’s Culture and Character upon release.

Tactical urbanists do not always discuss whether the shoe fits, but only whether the shoe is needed. That may be enough for a pandemic in search of solutions. Or to endure, a unity of cultural tradition with imported solutions may become an outright necessity.

The Cars Are Gone, for Now.
Inside the Pub Moves Outside.
Italy, France, or Both? Spare Chairs Rule.
Bubbles of People, Distancing.
Fare una passeggiata, in England.
More passeggiata, merged with the medieval curve of Twickenham’s Oldest Street.

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