The essays and photographs exhibited on this website are a serialized prequel to Sustaining a City’s Culture and Character: Principles and Best Practices (Rowman and Littlefield, 2020/21). You may recall the excerpt from the book’s Introduction, featured on July 8, as well as references to the book’s general approach in my recent article in the Journal of Public Space referenced on May 27.

It may be clear by now that this website is based not only on pandemic-inspired essays but also by a book release delayed by that very same pandemic. I’ve found a new purpose in transforming some of the book’s ideas into a more active role. Why not put to work our most relevant thoughts (and a visual sampler) now, rather than await the revised publication date?

In that spirit, here is a short video sharing some of the 170 images that are presented and explained in the book. Others will continue to appear in the creative gallery on this website’s home page.

The visual side of LEARNing the City

Stay tuned for more teasers in the coming weeks.

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